Our Story

Valeska has been obsessed with all things jewelry ever since she can remember. Born and raised in Southern California, she had big dreams of one day stumbling across a geode. She would pick up every rock and piece of sea glass she passed on the beach. She has been making beaded jewelry since elementary school.

Her connection to Lizards came around this same time when her parents threw her a 6th Birthday Reptile Party with a man named Henry The Lizard Lover (Google it, you can thank me later).

When the pandemic hit, Valeska, along with the rest of the world, found herself stuck in her living room with nothing to do. After about a month of solo isolation she had a lightbulb moment... she would make beaded lizards! Why, she doesn’t know, but HOW, she got to work figuring out immediately. The fish bones came next, because, well, why not? She started gifting these Lizards and Fish Bones to all of her friends and Lizard Babe Jewelry was born.

Every piece is handmade with love (the cliche is true!).

If you have any questions or if there is anything specific that you would like to request jewelry wise (custom pieces and pieces made with 14k gold are also available) simply reach out!